M&S Online shopping problems.

Forgive me if this isn't in the correct place, but it's about the closest fit I can find.
I've been trying to place Christmas present orders via the M&S website with delivery direct to the recipients.
Unfortunately, the order process has been taking me straight through to the payment stage without giving me the option to select an address from my address book.
I've placed and then cancelled three orders which would have been delivered to me which obviously isn't what I want.
I went through the 'chat' process both yesterday and this evening but am no further forward.
In fairness I was offered the opportunity to place orders while chat was open, with my correspondent amending the address.
I have six orders to place and it would have been a very long winded process.
It's probably a bit of a long shot, but has anyone else experienced similar problems, please?


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    So when you go to checkout have you changed the address to the recipient ?
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    Are you ordering via the Mobile site , via the app or via a PC ?

    On a mobile you can choose "desktop mode" from your browser.
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    Thank you both for your replies.
    I'm using a PC but the sequence of pages does not tally with those shown in the FAQs.
    There should be the opportunity to change delivery instructions early on in the ordering process but it never appears and I find myself at the payment stage.
    I've made, and subsequently cancelled, three orders over the past two days because they would have been sent to my home address.
    I was told yesterday via chat that the site was experiencing problems and I accepted that at face value.
    During this evening's chat I asked if the problem could be pursued. I was told that it would be escalated.
    That's how things stand at present.

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