Old account shows as settled in my credit report, still being contacted for payment? Please help!

Hi all, stupidly I made a few mistakes in my younger days, one of those was using payday loans. I’m much older and wiser now and thought I had sorted out all these problems along time ago. One of the companies I used years ago was called lending stream, as far as I’m aware I called them and settled the account back in 2015, it shows as settled on my credit file. I received a letter from a company called resolve call (after doing some research I can see these are debt collectors) demanding I pay them an outstanding amount of £419 that was due to my lending stream account? I emailed them last week to say this account has been settled and when I get home from work today someone has personally been to my front door and posted a handwritten card through my door demanding payment? Since my errors in my younger days my finances are all straight now, I’m a proud homeowner paying all bills on time and in full! So this worries me. Is this company just trying to get money out of me as it shows as ‘settled’ on my credit report??? Please help! Many thanks


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