When AO.com is Out of Stock

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Apologies if this is the wrong place.

I wanted to buy a particular American Fridge Freezer. It was cheapest by quite a bit on AO.com. It seemed to be in stock but as soon as I put it in my basket, it wasn't. Oopsy, too late.

After a lot of searching I found it for the same price on Boots Kitchen Appliances but surprise surprise, under the AO.com label. But here it was in stock.

So I placed my order (and got £50 worth of boots points which I couldn't have gotten on ao.com, and hopefully will still get topcashback), still got the £100 off that AO.com were offering on products over £1k.

Order seems to have gone through but it won't be delivered til early December, but didn't even have that option on AO.com.

Had a telephone call to confirm the order.

So managed to get it anyway, from AO.com at the AO.com reduced price, even though AO.com themselves are out of stock.

Just thought it might be useful for someone the same thing happens to.
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