Please help, I need some advice on affiliates!

Hey guys,

Cool forum. Anyways, so I have this service that I have been reaching out to Youtubers about. The idea was, I would provide them with a small blurb about the service in their description box and they would get 25% of the revenue for each order placed through that link. Nothing too crazy. So far, I've gotten a few positive responses. However, they are asking about affiliate ID links when I sent them the description blurb since I sent them blurbs with regular links to my "services offered" page. I realize this isn't gonna work. They can't be regular links.

Here's the bottom-line if anybody can help out: I am posting links to my service in Youtube descriptions. I have two concerns.

1. I don't want it to go straight to my order page. Instead, I want it to go to the "list of services pages" and then ultimately they will navigate to the "order page" and place an order. How do I keep the "affiliate" tracking beyond just 1 page? For example, the link would go to the services page, and then the person would go to the order page which has a contact form. I want to track how many conversions from the affiliate links go to the services page, and then go on to submit the contact form on the order page.

2. I am planning on using Google Analytics campaigns. Is this the correct way to do this for each Youtube channel?
Website URL: My services page
Campaign Source: Youtube
Campaign Medium: Youtube Description
Campaign Name: [Name of Youtuber]

Then I would generate the link and shorten it with bitly. Am i doing this right? Are there better methods?
If you can help me, bless your heart because this is my first time doing this. :money:


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    I'm not sure this is the best site for this, surely if you google for help with YouTube revenue there are better sites than this which come up?

    Also by your language it seems you could be in the US in which case things could be different as this is a UK site. Hope you find the information you need but don't hold your breath for it on here.
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    To keep the affiliate tracking beyond just 1 page, you usually need to use a 3rd party tracking tool.

    1. The list of services page, is that a page you created yourself on your own website or is it a page that is hosted by the vendor of the service you're promoting?

    2. Google Analytics isn't the same as a tracking tool that is used for affiliate tracking. You can use it to setup destination goals so you can track if a visitor has visited a certain page on your website, but you need to be the owner of the site to do this because you need to embed code onto the site.
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    I've tried it got nothing, hard work and the big players have it under control
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    maria01 wrote: »
    If you shine as an affiliate you must have to be a very patience

    I find writing coherently helps....
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    maria is promoting her business, link in her profile, five short posts saying not much at all.

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  • Its called a cookie or session variable, or you can just read it from the URL. You read the ID on the first landing page and add it back into the 2nd request, its very straightforward
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