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I have recently discovered that *both* Amazon Appstore *and* Google Play can be installed on any Android phones and tablets that both do and don't come from Amazon.

Unsurprisingly, Google Play does not distribute the Amazon Appstore app, and Amazon Appstore does not distribute the Google Play Store app. Therefore, installing Google Play on an Amazon Fire tablet, and installing Amazon Appstore on any other kind of Android tablet, will both require you to permit installation of apps from third party sources. Other than this, at the time of writing, installing Google Play requires sideloading four APKs whereas installing Amazon Appstore requires sideloading only one APK, but I guess these procedures may change in the future.

But once you've got both, it pays to shop around when buying apps and games; don't assume that they will always be the same price, or that one will be cheaper than the other.

What's not so straightforward is comparing in-app purchase prices. I guess the only way to do this is try installing the app from both app stores - uninstalling from one before installing from the other - before comparing the in-app prices. Unless anyone knows of a better way to do it. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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