Top Cashback - is it worth it?

Hi, not sure if this is the right section of the forum, so apologies if not.

I've heard a little about Top Cashback, and just wanted people's opinions on whether or not it works for you?
I don't really want to sign up for anything yet and find myself being bombarded with loads of spam!



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    Topcashback has been excellent for us. We've had well over £1000 back in the last few years. You can use your cashback in many online stores including Amazon and get a bit more than what you have saved or you can transfer it to your bank every now and again. Using TCB to get cashback on holidays, car insurance, home insurance, home shopping, clothing & footwear shopping etc.......the list is endless and it all adds up over a period of time.

    I've lost money (over £100 cashback for a holiday purchase) because I had an ad blocker on my computer which I removed once I realised it prevented my purchases being tracked for the cashback. Another time I was buying a cooker from Currys and I should have got back a large amount but I had left the TCB tab to look for a discount code on other websites and apparently my cashback went to either the discount code company or Google so be very careful doing that. If I come back off the company I've opened through TCB I then go back into TCB and through to the company again so that I don't lose it.

    It's definitely worth belonging to Topcashback but keep a note of what you've purchased and what you expect to get back. Some companies don't give you cashback on the VAT portion of your purchase. You'll learn as you go but straightforward once you get used to using it. Takes a while to remember to go through TCB each time once you're ready to make a purchase. I used to have a reminder post-it stuck at the bottom of my computer screen and it helped a lot. I eventually remembered every time and it's just a habit now. :D
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  • That's great, thanks!
    The reason I'm considering it is because we're trying to overpay our mortgage. We can't set aside huge chunks of money each month, but I thought this might be a good way of just adding a little bit here and there to chip away at it.
    I'm really glad you mentioned the ad blocker too!
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    As it's been pointed out , don't use codes that don't appear on the cashback sites retailer page , do your research on another browser to the one you use topcashback on.

    Biggest earnings are normally from swapping insurance and banks . Utilities used to be a good earner as well but that's gone quiet lately
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    Can't fault it - money for nothing.

    My best advice would be to keep a separate browser just for TCB. Set it to clear all cookies on exit, so that when you load it there are no cookies which might potentially compete with the all-important cookies that will get you your cashback.
  • I use alot and the last time i did so i used topcashback, and you do have to wait like a month but i got about £15 back into my bank, so it's deffo worth it!
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    Well worth it.

    They also do special bonus cashback from time to time e.g. spend £5 get £2.50 cashback.

    Just remember to opt in before you make your purchase.
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