Xbox One X Controller Faulty? Am I being unreasonable?

Hi all,

So recently I purchased a brand new Xbox One X from one of the deals on here (Very) and all has been well for the past 2 weeks.

I bought myself a gaming headset about 1 week ago, a brand new Hyper X headset, Xbox/Microsoft approved etc.

It's all been working perfectly.

Go to use the headset the other night and absaloutely nothing. The Xbox simply does not recognise the headset is connected. I have tried numberous combinations, new batterys, updating the controller (was up to date anyway) etc etc. Nothing. I can rule the headset out because I can plug them into my phone and they work perfectly.

I have also tested another pair of headphones plugging them into the controller and nothing, the Xbox simply doesn't recognise them. Even on the home screen where you have that little icon showing a headset, it doesn't pick it up.

This leads me to think the 3.5mm jack point on my controller is faulty, only having lasted 1 week from being brand new?

Annnnnyway to cut a long story short..

Xbox support have said if I send my controller off to them, they will send out a 'refurbished' controller once recieved and this could take 1 to 3 weeks.

Essentially meaning I'm unable to play my new console I've just spent £400 on? (I can only really play at night and have family sleeping...)

I don't really want a refurbished item either, why can't they just send out a brand new controller to me and I'll send back my faulty one? Am I being a baby? This just seems so backwards..

I initially have asked Very about this and they weren't really interested and forwarded me onto the manufacturer.

Unless anyone else has any ideas?

Thanks for any advice!


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    Your contract is with the retailers so they shouldnt have to send you to the manufacture, sometimes its worth dealing with the manufacture if its beneficial to you but more often than not its easier dealing with the retailer.

    With it being sold at a distance you're going to have logistical problems with it. Its going to be incredibly unlikely that someone will send you out a replacement before they receive the faulty goods. As things require posting its going to add to delays.

    Personally i would be more inclined to deal with the retailer. As it is you will be waiting 1-3 weeks to get a reconditioned controller. Dealth with through very and chances are theyll replace everything (console, handset and any games sold with it). They might still take the 'repair' option which would mean even longer delays as they send it off to microsoft but you tend to find in retail they just swap things over. I dont think theres a physical place for Very as such i think you will have to accept that theres going to be a period of time where youre sending things off and having them returned. Whilst frustrating, theres a reason you bought it online and i suspect its the price. As youre finding in this instance theres a consequence of that in terms of having issues with returns.

    Like i said, id target Very mainly because they tried to shirk their responsibilities, unless they explained clearly that it was beneficial to be dealing directly with Microsoft who there is no contractual obligations with.
  • I've had my share of issues with Xbox One controllers. Often it's partially my own fault, like catching my headphone wire and accidentally yanking it out of the headphone jack, which has broken the jack multiple times. The rest of the controller is usually fine unless I break it via my own doings, like dropping it or simply using it too much.

    A somewhat cheap alternative would be to buy a headset adapter, which plugs into the central port at the bottom of your controller. I'm pretty sure you can fit most headphone jacks into it, and it is more secure in the controller than the small headphone jack. The buttons on it are quite convenient too, since it saves you from having to open the menu and change your volume settings there.
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    As others have said, it's likely best to go back to the retailer to arrange a replacement.

    You could also look at picking up a second-hand controller while you wait for the replacement. Additionally, auction sites like John Pye often have Xbox One controllers for auction and you can get them fairly cheap (although beware that this stock can sometimes be returns etc. and it is sold as seen).
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    Ive only had 1 faulty Xbox controller and I think it was for the Xbox 360, 1 of the bumper buttons just got stuck, GAME were ok with replacing it.
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