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6 Year Old Birthday Party - HELP NEEDED!!

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6 Year Old Birthday Party - HELP NEEDED!!

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MayforherMayforher Forumite
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Hi everyone :)

Okay so my son is 6 in the first week of January. I'm a student and am hanging on to my threads of the last student loan I got trying to get me to the 7th Jan (also the same day as my son's birthday).

I really want to throw him and his friends a party but I wasn't to do it as cheap as possible! My house is not an option, it's too small and we have two dogs, it just wouldnt be practical.

I need ideas on where we could do it for really cheap, what kind of entertainment we could do for really cheap, how to make parry bags really cheap (honestly I've never known anything more expensive than last year trying to do just 15 party bags :eek:) ...ideas on how much food we are going to have to come up with...chances are the maximum amount of kids will be like 30? Hopefully less :D

Any kind of money saving ideas for a home made kids birthday party would be amazing thank you!!!! Ive never thrown a birthday party before I've always paid play centres to do it for me 😂


  • TBagpussTBagpuss Forumite
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    You can do it at home, you'd just need to invite a smaller number of children. (and it would probably be cheaper and easier to arrange for someone to look after the dogs for a couple of hours so they are out of the way, than to pay for a party elsewhere)

    If you want to invite 30 kids, you will need some other adults to help out, and you'll need to provide them with food etc, so the costs are going to go up.

    You don't need to do party bags at all. (and if you don't, other parents may be grateful that you're taking the pressure off them!) If you decide to do them, then set yourself a strict budget and keep to it. Maybe just put in a slice of the birthday cake (wrapped in kitchen paper or foil!) a couple of treat-sized mars or similar (one bag should give you enough).
    look in your local pound shop, or places like Hawkins Bazaar, and you may find stuff which you can split (e.g. a bag of toy dinosaurs - open the bag and put one dino in each party bag), mini pots of bubbles etc.

    Cheap entertainment - think of traditional children's party games. - musical chairs, pass the parcel, sleeping lions, pin the tail on the donkey. You will need token prizes (again, sweets are fine) and some way to play music, but that's about it. If you do pass the parcel. use newspaper for the layers (except the last one) and if you want prizes in every layer, little things - a chupachups lolly, or the sort of toy you might get in a cracker.

    Also - the children don't necessarily need to be 'entertained' the whole time. They will probably enjoy playing among themselves at least some of the time.

    Personally, I would let your son pick maybe 6-7 friends and hold the party at home, if that isn't an option, I'd suggest that you decide your budget first, then work from that to decide where you can afford to go and for how many guests.

    What does your son enjoy? Consider whether he wants a party for 20-30 kids or if he would be just as happy to have his two best friends and go to the cinema or some other activity.
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  • jackomdjjackomdj Forumite
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    I agree with the do it at home route.

    Let the kids make their own food, buy cheap pizza bases (I would get the cheap cheese pizzas so don't have to get sauce), then a block of cheese, pepperoni, tin pineapple, tin sweet corn, slice a few tomatoes.

    Then buy/make cookies or cakes sand let them decorate those.

    Both things have a dual purpose of taking time and saves buying seperate.

    Baker Ross is good for packs of craft items, these can double up as party bags. One year we bought money boxes which the chikdren all decorated.

    We also made a home made pin the tail on The donkey. They love pass the parcel, but remember to do enough layers for one for each child, then turn around so the winner is random!
  • Every 6 year old we know loves colouring so we tried a t-shirt colouring party and is was a big success. The best thing is they get to take the t-shirt away at the end instead of a party bag (we did give them some treats too!). This can be done to any budget. You just need some cheap white t-shirts and some fabric pens to get started.

    We got some good t-shirt colouring tips and techniques from google.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Accommodating 30 kids anywhere will be expensive and hard work.

    Have a party at home with a few of his best friends and have some party games.

    Clear the room as far as possible. The kids will sit on the floor.

    I found it much easier to feed burgers/sausages or pizza and crisps.

    Put on a video and give them some popcorn.

    Party bag with a small box of Smarties, a small gift, ( bubbles, small pack of colouring pencils, wriggly snake) Tesco have a selection of small gifts) a piece of birthday cake.

    You can buy some party wrapping paper and make party bags. There are videos of how to do it on youtube.
  • You're all amazing, fantastic ideas thank you so much! I really love all the ideas but the tshirt one is especially cool!
  • fiscalfrecklesfiscalfreckles Forumite
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    Some great suggestions.
    A quick & cheap way to feed a large group is tinned hot dog sausages that you just warm up in a pan, serve in bread rolls with ketchup.
    Kids love having an indoor picnic, so let them all sit on the floor, that way you don't need to decorate a table.
    Games at home is a cheap option, but print off some colouring sheets or something and give them those with some crayons. A colouring competition guarantees some sitting down and calming down time.
    Have fun.
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