Osteopath treatment

I having alot of pain in my shoulder and neck and my usual therapist can't fit me in . I asked the receptionist could they fit me in with another therapist who does the same firm massage and stretching and they recommend another lady and said she does simular.
The osteopath give me the most gentle treatment
Ever , really disappointed and feel my back is no better.
Do you think I can complain ?


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    I used to be involved in the training of NHS staff. So far as I am aware, no NHS trust employs either osteopaths or chiropractors. In fact, I don't know how they are trained - are there university degrees?

    You need to see a physiotherapist. Go to your GP for a referral. I have done that several times and have had an appointment within ten days at my GP's surgery (five minutes walk away). They are properly trained and legally regulated. Also - you don't pay for it.

    People may disagree but I would never countenance seeing either an osteo or a chiro. eg see link.


    I wouldn't want anyone other than a physio or orthopaedic surgeon messing about with my neck.

    You could try looking for a book called something like "Look after your neck" by a NZ physio Robin McKenzie. Very helpful. He also does a "Look after your back".

    EDIT: you say your "usual" therapist. I assume this is private. How much are you paying per session? Money pit? NHS physios are free - except for your tax and NI contributions.
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