Ikea Advent Calendar and vouchers

Ive just read the article regarding the Ikea advent calendars with at least a £10 voucher. I understand that there is a restriction of 4 calendars per customer, so I guess each customer can get at least £40 worth of vouchers. I just wondered if the terms and conditons on the vouchers restricted how many vouchers you could use in a single transaction?


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    Nothing to say it can't be stacked but certain stores have taken it upon themselves to say one per transaction. Maybe something to call head office about.
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    I have just been to my local store in Belfast. There is a notice above the saying due to a technical error the £5 voucher is missing & to ask for it at the till. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this & is there no voucher inside??
  • Doesnt appear to be a clear policy set by HQ on how many vouchers you can use per transaction, be awesome if anyone with a voucher can post the ts and Cs please.

    So I guess there will be inconsistent decisions by the local stores. Seems that there is a restriction of 1 calendar per customer, but various blogs seem to indicate that there is local deviation in this.
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    shortone wrote: »
    I have just been to my local store in Belfast. There is a notice above the saying due to a technical error the £5 voucher is missing & to ask for it at the till. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this & is there no voucher inside??

    The vouchers are £10 minimum in England not £5.

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  • The fact they give a separate voucher at the till suggests to me both can't be used in a single transaction, otherwise the could have saved paper and changed the values of the voucher inside the calendar. My question is would a voucher be valid for xmas trees. Could you purchase the calendar then a tree with just one trip to Hell?
  • I went to the Warrington branch yesterday. They pilulked them from sale because people were buying 10-15 at a time despite there being a two per customer stipulation. People must have been going through the self-service counters and doing a few transactions a time. There’s always some who ruin it for the rest :mad:
  • I was allowed to buy 2 at the wednesbury store so I have four vouchers yet I’ve been told by ikea head office they were wrong to do that and I can only use 2 vouchers per transaction. Yet the sun newspaper says you can use multiple vouchers! Need more clarity on this otherwise there will be bedlam at the tills come 1st December
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    where is the voucher within the calendar itself please? is it behind one of the numbers?
  • Just to clear a few questions up as I work in Ikea. On the back of the calendars there has been a misprint, so they were originally only meant to come with one voucher in and then a few here and there would get the extra vouchers. However, they messed up and wrote on the back that you were guaranteed a second voucher, this is why the signs are up saying to please ask for an extra voucher at the tills, they didn't intend for this to happen. As for the number of vouchers you can use, there is no limit. There is nothing on the rear of the vouchers to say that you can only use 1 per transaction and I have clarified with my managers that this is the case. As for the number you are allowed to purchase, UK informed managers within the stores that they could make a store decision as to how many could be purchased. Each calendar has a note on the back saying only one calendar per person, however, this was overruled in most stores as most set the limit to 4 per person. I have heard that there was an incident in the Bristol store where they removed the limit and a customer purchased around 40 boxes, 12 in each box, to purchase a kitchen. They then set the limit back to one per person because they realised they messed up a little. The vouchers come in the rear of the calendars, so you have to open them from the top and just put your hand down inside to grab the voucher. Also, they can be used to purchase Christmas trees. So the trees normally come in around the first week of December, so just go to the tills and say you would like to make a purchase with the vouchers. There is nothing on the back of the vouchers saying you cannot do that. Hope this answers everyone's questions.
  • We went to IKEA Croydon today (10.11.18). They had a policy of 5 per transaction. We had 3 of us so did a transaction each. They gave you the £5 voucher at the till and there is a voucher in each calendar. So sounds like probaba different stores and even maybe different staff have their own rules? :)
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