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An investigation has been launched into whether online shoppers are paying different prices for the same items - depending on factors such as where they live and whether they are married...
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'Watchdog to investigate if your personal details determine how much you pay'
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    MSE_Naomi wrote: »
    The Government has announced it will look at 'personalised pricing', which means consumers can be charged different amounts when they buy items such as cars and holidays online.
    Has anyone in UK history ever bought a car online?
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    I don't have holidays, but I sometimes search for holidays and start by putting "2 people" on the first search - and seeing what comes up - then changing it to "1 person" and watching a lot of the rooms disappearing. These are rooms where there's a charge per room, say "£35/night per room" ... it's there for two people booking it, but gone if just one books it.

    I suspect it's because a couple are more likely to spend more money with them than a single would.

    I once tried to book some hostel rooms for some friends who were quite happy to pay twice the "per person" rate at a hostel to get their own room - but the booking was declined on the basis of occupancy being too low and they wanted the beds filling, so they could optimise the meals/drinks and other things people would do on the premises.

    So they might be discounting things for couples, as they deem they will pay more "over the lifetime" of the product/service than singles.
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    for hotel rooms could you book for a couple and then have one as a no show? not sure if this is allowable for flights.
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