Christmas Period Menu Plan

I know, I know I must be bonkers planning ALL the food over the festive period BUT....

I like to spread the cost by getting things in early and I'm lucky to have the 22nd until NYE off and I do not want to go to the shops.

I like to splash out a bit on food over the festive period, but also don't want to slave away cooking every day.

We have an open house xmas eve so that is sorted and xmas day is the usual.

What do you lot have over the festive period? I'm thinking a nice steak and chips one day, and we always have a big salad with ham etc.

There is only the 2 of us



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    we always like to have a day of "really ordinary" food - spag bol/sausage and mash, or whatever is ordinary in your house. Makes you appreciate the "special" all the more!
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    I do a big cook for Christmas Day , and then thats it, we live off that till its gone :)
  • Cold meat chips or wedges salad and pickles on the 26th turkey and mushroom pie the 27th. Turkey pie is the best Christmas food and really easy frozen puff pastry and a tin of condensed mushroom soup add the meat mushrooms to the soup and top with the pastry. You can also add ham and extra veg leeks and sweet corn go well.
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    Over the Chistmas/New year period, we usually have cold meat left over from Xmas with mash and pickles.

    Then another day, probably home made chilli & garlic bread or spag bol - can be batch cooked and frozen.

    Shepherd's pie.

    Stew in the slow cooker.

    Charcuterie (usually from Aldi, love their Iberico chorizo) with a selection of olives and sun-dried tomatoes (also from Aldi), olive tapenade, baba ganoush if I can be bothered to make it, and some nice artisan breads. And white wine.
  • We like to have lighter meals in the run up to Christmas and post-Christmas it's mainly about trying to use up the leftovers. We also try to have at least one healthy meal per day to compensate for all the unhealthy food we eat over the Christmas period.
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    What do you enjoy, as a family?

    We might have something like roast beef a couple of days before Christmas, which gives you cold beef to go with the cold turkey for Boxing day / general light meals.

    consider suggesting another member of the family picks a menu and takes responsibility for the meal one day, which gives you a day off cooking and means someone else gets to pick something they really like.

    If we have turkey at Christmas then we tend to have cold meat/ salad on Boxing day, but then will also have curry made with more of the cold turkey, another day (which has the added benefit that even if you are making it from scratch, it is fairly simple and doesn't need a lot of prep or clearing up)
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    I personally hate Turkey Curry, but a family favourite here, to use up not only the Turkey but the ham, the sausages, the stuffing is Jamies leek and Turkey Pie

    He uses pancetta, I use the ham, I shove in the sausages and stuffing, don't bother with chestnuts if I don't have them, I just follow the basic recipe and no matter what, its the dogs dangly bits
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