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My company are operating in the shadow of uncertainty (merger, possible redundancies) and I've been wondering how best to think/plan ahead. I would have a decent redundancy package but may struggle to find related jobs quickly.
I was wondering what sort of casual work is there that could stretch redundancy pay without being a full-time commitment so that I'd be able to go to interviews, and what skills/qualifications/resources would be needed.

tutoring - needs subject knowledge, DBS check, know the right people [I don't feel gifted at teaching kids so perhaps not]
Locum/agency work - professional quals in correct area, register with agency [My industry doesn't do this but re-training might be an option]
Baby-sitting/child minding - DBS check, OFSTED? probably need to commit outside school hours unless doing it as emergency cover [again I don't feel I'm good enough with Kids]
Weekend/evening e.g. shops, catering, logistics [No experience but worth trying];

Any other thoughts?


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    Supermarkets and department stores will be taking on staff to cover the Christmas period. I know supermarkets can be quite flexible when it comes to hours - I worked for Morrisons for a while and they were happy to let me do just evenings (I was already working 7 days a week during normal working hours!!)
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    McDonalds are always hiring. They have one of the best flexible approach you'll ever find in an employer. They pay is poor, but above min wage. Obviously its just a stop gap job so you'll keep that in mind.

    You need to ignore the stigma of its being a McJob, Plenty of idiots for some reason look down on working there. I started my worklife there and learnt so much experience from that job. I may have only been on £3.50 an hour but it paid towards buying my own house!

    You'll gain catering skills as well if you work in the kitchen too. I did, and i also won employee of the quarter in 2001(IE best worker from that store during 1/4 of a year) and got a big pay out.
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