Afternoon all.
We had a water meter fitted in July and have just received our first bill, it is much lower than our previous bills, We first requested a water meter 3 years ago and the chap came out and said he could not fit one. Clearly this was wrong as they managed to fit one. Does the panel think I would have a case to reclaim the difference?


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    Afternoon all.
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    Does the panel think I would have a case to reclaim the difference?
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    The time to question the response of the first man would have been at the time with the water company to explain why it could not be fitted.

    How did you manage to get one this July? Did you ask again or did the water company ask you if you wanted one?

    When they said they could fit one in July did you not question the original decision then? If so why not?

    Did you want to see if you used less? If you had used more would you offer to give the water company extra money for the last 3 years?

    You could always ask the water company and see what they say. Its only a phone call or an E-mail and you would know very quickly.
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  • Ha! it was indeed morning... it has been a long one already.
  • **update**
    I emailed the company concerned with details of my issue, and they have phoned me this morning to say they are going to backdate my bills accordingly.
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