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I'm currently on Maternity Leave and the SMP has hit us hard as I have lost more than half my wage for the next 6 months and sadly unable to find someone to babysit if I went back to work.

I was looking up ideas to find some additional income which wasn't working as I know the tax man and work would love to get some extra money 😂 plus I've exhausted eBay selling anything I do not need and I don't have a lot of excess to spend online to make the most of my Topcashback account

I was wondering if anyone could advise if any of the tips given in the MSE Boost your Income could be done without jeopardising my SMP or involving the tax man.
I won't be throttling the options for every penny but a few £ here and there would be ideal.

Always worried doing surveys etc and gaining any additional money through PayPal would trigger something


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    Earning £20 here and there from surveys won't set the feds on you ;) AFAIK earnings from things like survey sites would at worst come under your £1000 tax-free trading allowance, which doesn't require any action on your part. And if you can make more than £1000 a year on survey sites, please let us know your secret! ;)

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    As well as what Miss Pop said, money earned on doing surveys can be taken as vouchers. I use Amazon a lot and have also taken Tesco vouchers (we all have to eat :) ). Doing the daily clicks on the cashback sites can also earn you £30 + per month and is quite quick once you know where to look.
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    Thanks so much, it's a big shock losing £700+
    when you have grown so use to having it andothing you can do but sit and think ways to make extra money.
    Thankfully enough money for bills and food etc but not a lot of excess.
    This will definitely help :) x
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    I'm in the same boat. Switch your bank account, easy money. Sell the baby bits as soon as your baby outgrows them, try Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree for free listings. However, I'm finding having the time or energy to earn online is severely limited!!! Sleep is more important.
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