Friend's Daughter has spent £450 on Roblox without her knowledge

My friend went to the shop tonight for supplies and was shocked to see her card declined. She immediately went home to check her bank history and found exactly fifty eight transactions of £7.69 for in game currency over three days.

We have been checking the time stamps and 27 purchases were made in a one hour period on the 11th October . She knew nothing of these transactions. She had bought in game currency once in July for her kid's excellent work at school but she didn't know other things could be purchased without the three digit code on the card.

Her rent is due in 4 days and all her money has gone on roblox currency. The reference on the ststement (58 of them) is all microsoft because Roblox was downloaded from Windows 10 store.

Do we have any way of getting this money back? Who do we contact? Halifax, Microsoft, Roblox or all three?

Do Halifax not share any responsibility for allowing 27 x £7.69 purchases within the space of one hour? We are despearte for answers . I don't even know which forum to post this in.


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