Amazon spamming me?

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1st time ever, I get an email from Amazon saying 'look at this product'. The link takes me to a cheap unbranded 1 star item priced in $ on the US site. The sender email and link seem genuine.

What's going on here?


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    No idea, but I got one as well . . .
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    It might not be the same thing but more than half the spam I get now has a fake 'Amazon' heading. They vary from 'please check out this item' (I obviously don't follow links but the return address looks very dodgy) to all sorts of issues with my buying and selling account that I need to click on a link to resolve.

    Most are laughably bad, poor spelling, obviously dodgy return email addresses and basically just a 'follow this link' comment , but someare beginning to try a little harder by using Amazon template emails.

    I don't even bother reporting them I just delete them all.
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