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Hi i'm looking to buy a 'proper' camera which i believe to be a DSLR, i want to photograph horse racing, horses close ups around paddock and maybe some action shots.

Been using iphone and not really getting results i want.

Would a DSLR be the way to go or should i go for a bridge camera? i imaging the ultra zoom 50/60x magnification would be great for getting close up shots but would i be sacrificing picture quality?

Been looking at Nikon D3400 but this is being replaced by D3500, budget up to £500 but cheaper better as prefer to spend less if possible.

Thoughts please, would also use camera to take family shots, holidays etc.



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    Why not look at used bridge cameras and see how you get on with one?

    Depending where you buy they come with a guarantee as well

    No need to spend heaps or get latest all dancing ones, the main thing is the lens and sensors, plus ease of use, and with a bridge they are comparatively lightweight and no need for gadget bags
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    ^^^ Great idea. Bridge are better for carrying around and getting holiday photos etc but with super results. They can be very versatile too and will cope with general shots of horses. If you get on well with one for a cheap price you can then think of upgrading to DSLR. These are much more costly and require interchangeable lenses to go from wide angle to telephoto so not only are the basic body and lens heavy you would probably want a couple of more heavy lenses too and then a case to carry them all in. A trade off between flexibility/control and convenience. Ever seen the sports photographers with several cameras each having a different lens to obviate the need to change during the action?

    Many a bridge camera can do all that change of field of view in the one lens. Make sure it is one that starts quite wide and do not get hung up on a very narrow telephoto - they become quite difficult to use especially with moving objects!
    I have an older Panasonic bridge with an x18 Lieca zoom. For most work it is very adequate. OK you can get better now in bridge cams and a DSLR can be easier to use in manual modes but probably the bridge is a better all rounder!
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    With such a limited budget I'd knock SLR's on the head straight off unless you think you'll have a big wedge to spend in the future. You'll need lenses from wide angle through to telephoto's (for the racing action) which will just laugh at your budget.

    With bridge cameras there's almost an unlimited choice and you'll have to decide on what's important to yourself. Quality with 1" sensors and good low light performance (in my mind extremely important) or ridiculous telephoto ranges (but possibly unusable in low light with fast moving horses).

    Given your stated aims I'd be looking at the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 which will just break your budget at around £550 but has a cracking 25-400mm, f/2.8-4 lens and 1" sensor.

    If you decide to go for the long telephoto route then something like the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS with a 21-1365mm (35mm equivalent) f/3.4-6.5 lens and 1/2.3 sensor is available for less than £300 but watch out for the low light performance.
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