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Using auto fill to complete forms

I’ve noticed that on some forms, when I type an answer, the box remains white, and when I use the auto fill, the box turns yellow.

The form submits ok but do you think it makes any difference to your chances of winning if the form is partially completed by auto fill?


  • One-EyeOne-Eye Forumite
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    The yellow box is local to your machine - it has nothing to do with the website. It is just informing you of the fields that autofill has completed. As long as Autofill is putting the correct data in each field, then it will make no difference to your chance of winning.

    Some websites ask you not to use Autofill - but I think a lot of these are due to them being fed up with nonsense responses where Autofill has put something wrong in some of the fields.

    Autofill doesn't work well where there is checking on each field - especially forms that may change what is being asked according to a previous response.
  • thetoothfairythetoothfairy Forumite
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    Good to know!!!
  • DavidHolland3103DavidHolland3103 Forumite
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    As someone who codes for a living, I often question how techy these forms are.

    If I wanted to catch out those using autofill/roboform etc, there are ways to do it, which wouldn't show up to the average person filling in the form, but would show up on the back end.

    I wouldn't think most companies would care enough to be honest.
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