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Morrisons More Points Theft

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Supermarket Coupons
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Supermarket Coupons
First time posting so apologies if I break any protocols...

This is mainly a warning to any users of the Morrisons More scheme.

The background is that I'm a frequent shopper and as such accumulate a fair few points. Instead of receiving the £5 voucher as soon as I hit the 5000 points I have my preferences set to save the vouchers until I request them. I do this as a way of taking care of the big Christmas shop.

Anyway I visited my usual store and noticed my points balance had dropped from 30k+ to roughly 400. I have been in touch with Morrisons and they advise me that the option to release the vouchers was actioned on 06/09/18 on my online account. The same day the vouchers were successfully printed using 'my card' in a store 80 miles from my home address (a store and town I've never been to!) to top things off the vouchers were cashed in later that same day.

Firstly I know that I didn't action the vouchers, nor did I visit the store in question. I've received mixed responses from Morrisons. First being non belief and the second being belief but with a hint of doubt.

Secondly I still have the physical card, it's usually scanned rather than swiped so any scammer could easily duplicate it at a self scan terminal. I can also prove that I wasn't at the store and have told Morrisons to check their CCTV!

They're currently investigating how it happened, but I'm without £30 worth of vouchers and with a potentially compromised card, let alone my personal details from their site. Coincidentally they sent me an email today encouraging me to change my password due to recent security breaches!

If you use the scheme in the same way that I do please check your points balance and/or change your account password!
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