Wedding suit waist coat/slim fit or loose?

I am getting married and need some advice

Can I get away with no waist coat and a slimmer fit suit does it look ok? Or is the loose one better?

Can’t upload pics here but posted some on a wedding forum see here:


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    Well I may be a fuddy duddy so oyu can ignore my opinion. You look very slim in your pics so can carry most things off.
    Why a kilt I wonder - do you have Scottish connections - otherwise it would look odd.
    I see no reason why you would have to have a waistcoat - a nicely fitted jacket looks fine - but please not the untucked shirt underneath - spoils the whole effect. Maybe ok for later in the evening but even then I think it looks unkempt.
    Slimmer fit looks fine - just tuck the shirt in and have the tie doen properly.
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