Elster A100C failure - Advice & Clarification Please

Hi, My Elster generation meter is currently "frozen" - displaying a reading that is from a few weeks ago. The Inverter is working, and I've tried a full restart of the system (isolate everything, turn it all off, then on and de-isolate) but the meter is still showing the same reading. The red light is flashing periodically too (which I believe indicates power going through?).

The meter will probably need to be replaced, so I've spoken briefly to my FIT supplier (Eon) and they say I need to send a photo of the old meter then the new meter when it is replaced.

Now for some advise Please :)
I've made an assumption that it would need to be fitted by an accredited solar installer, but haven't verified this (anyone know for certain) - There appears to be very few Solar PV installers in my local area now (Worcestershire) and the one I've spoken to starts off with a £100 call out charge, so would my usual electrician be acceptable. I know I can probably get this info from Eon but it can take some time to get through then get a definitive answer. Also, I'm guessing someone else on here has had a similar situation and may know other pitfalls or nuggets of info.

Many Thanks in Advance :beer:


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    Send this guy a PM.


    He is an Eon Company Rep.

    Or amend your thread to include Help needed from EON.
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    Thanks Merlin139 - I'm sure talking to him will remove any confusion!

    Much appreciated :)
  • Hope this helps for a potential fix if you have some electrical knowledge in soldering and mains. I have a solar PV system with an elster A100C meter. Alas noticed my FIT quarter amount very low, then noticed my meter LED did flash, then went solid and reset (as if a diagnostic reset) - the value is frozen - producing electricity for the grid etc so not a panels / inverter fault. I also noticed when it did display the frozen kW / h value, it dimmed when the LED flashed. This led me to think its an onboard power problem (used to save the value over night) - there is a miniature battery on the PCB - my assumption was that this is not being charged. One thing with solder / PCBs / heat etc is that you get dry joints. So, I isolated my system (should be an isolator right near the meter) - tested it had no supply (0V AC), disconnect the live x2 and neutral x2 from the meter and disassembled the case (not easy so be warned). I inspected the board and noticed dry joints around the large grey resistor and IN labelled soldered wire (sense line from the main terminal) and soldered accordingly. I also resoldered some other areas. Re-assembled and now the count is increasing so assume the onboard power supply is charging up and functioning OK (no reset on low voltage). Please dont attempt unless you know what you are doing. Failing this you can get a new meter for around £35 but have the pain of paying someone to install and paper work for your FIT provider plus MID statement. Hope this helps. Robbo.
  • Have same problem with my meter, but how on earth did you get the case apart ? Doesn't seem to be anyway in that I can see without breaking it.
  • Having similar issue with my elster a100c. The Reading panel is constantly flashing all characters and not showing a reading. It is being fed from the isolator as the Red led is flashing. I do have an external wireless handset a geo solar pv connected which means i have a circular plug that velcro's over the red led for reading to the handset.

    I first noticed this when my heating mcb tripped but that is back on so not sure if related or a coincidence. I do have a solar mcb so assume its on that.

    Any ideas?
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    My was blank when I was getting my anual reading.and based on the review  information I have been reading that this product should have been recalled or installer should never have fitted this type I plan to contact installer to replace without charge as this is faulty materials based on reviews going back before 2014 before my installation a d will take legal action and name company..
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    We also have a Elster A100C which was fitted in 2015 ,the monitoring app states we have produced 1500kwh in the last 3 months but the Elster reads 1179kwh ,85 kwh in last few days ,the Elster is reading 32 problem somewhere I think! would it still be under warranty?
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    Is your solar installer still in business? If so you should contact them and ask them to fix it under warranty.
    If they've gone out of business (not an uncommon occurence) it might be simpler to have a replacement meter fitted.
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    Thanks for the advice QrizB,was told the generation meter only has 12 month's warranty so we swapped to a new meter from a different solar installer so far so good!
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