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Hi all - some advice please?

My parents are taking out a credit card to consolidate some debt for me and I would like to know

1. Can they transfer my balance on to their card under the interest free schemes given the cards are in different names?

2. If not, is there a way around it?

Many thanks


  • They maybe able to but some cards companies dont allow debt from other people to be added.

    Money transfer card is another option.

    You might want to cancel your card as soon as the balance has been cleared though to stop you running up debts again. If it were me I would make you default on your credit cards for at least 4 months then pay them off for you....that way your credit file would be trashed for a while so you wouldnt take out more credit you cannot afford to pay back.

    Wish you all the best lucks.
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    It depends on the car. Tesco won't allow it but most do. If they do the BT online they can avoid the awkward questions as it only asks for the long card number usually.

    You are very lucky that they are prepared to do this for you - make sure you thank them by paying it all off within the 0% period
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  • Thanks. None of the accounts are open and it isn’t the case that I would default, I currently pay just under £150 a month towards what is now a £3,000 debt which I have been working on for three years (couldn’t always afford £150) but my credit is shot due to previous financial issues and I cannot consolidate on my own. I’m paying interest on three of the cards. The rest of the debt is utility bills from a difficult time four plus years ago.
  • Thanks Mally, I’m on target to pay off within 20 mos so hoping they can get one of the 28 mo cards. I haven’t asked them before now as needed to evidence some consistency with my existing payments which I can now.
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