Angry, Annoyed or puzzled? Can they do this?

Okay - I've recieved some great advice form National Debt Line. I have written to all my creditors back in March.

Some called instantly and were happy to help out. Others were slow and I had to send chaser letters, but repayments have started.

Two have ignored me completely. I have sent letters approx every 2 weeks and have telephoned and faxed them. They "Haven't recieved anything from me" - all 6 letters and 2 faxes to EACH company have just disappeared.

Despite phone calls to tell them and these letters, they are still adding interest and charges to the debts. I am really annoyed, as one company has even added £200 in charges since March - for a debt that I want to repay but they don't seem to want to let me!

I have now sent the 2 letters asking them to sue me and telling them I wont be paying anymore money to them until the courts sort it out. :mad: I am livid. Its almost as if they have deliberatley ignored me to add charges to make some more money out of me!

What are my chances of getting these monies refunded - they have ignored me, not the other way round? And how would anyone suggest they word it??


  • Malestrom
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    Did you send the letters via recorded delivery? They may be ignoring you as they are passing the debt on to a debt collection agency, or, as you say, they may just want to slap as many charges on as possible.

    Out of interest, who are these two debts with?
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    Barclaycard and MBNA

    Barclaycard said nicely not to worry about recorded as she would give me the fax number and it would come straight through to the office.

    Lesson learnt.

    MBNA did pass it onto an agency (but only for the arrears and not the balance) - but are still adding interest and charges. So I've written a letter inviting them to sue us for the debt and we will not be paying anything else. Strangely - they got that one and called this morning........
  • Turning_into_scrooge
    Similar thig is happening to me with LloydsTsb Bank and Open + Direct. They both have been sent out now 2 DMP proposals from CCCS, in fact open + direct have now been sent 3 :confused: . Lloydstsb say they have received theirs but Open + Direct are being very difficult. They have had the pleasure of sending a solicitors letter at the cost of £100 to myself to tell me to pay the arrears direct to open + direct within 10 days :mad: , they can take a tablet :mad: . I am hoping they take me to court as CCCS will back me up with copies of all the letters sent out to them which they are choosing to ignor and also the proof of the payments sent to them.
    In fact I have only really had problems with 2 companies one being open + direct and the other being Blackhorse. Blackhorse have refused the DMP or to freeze interest, well i'm sorry but i don't have any more money to give at the mo, in fact i told them also to do their worst :eek: . I have found that when you fight back and tell them to go ahead they back down as they are not used to being challenged back :T . There is an old saying, you can only kick a dog so many times and eventually when you're least expecting it it will turn round and bite back :D
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    My partner had this with Barclaycard before christmas, teh sold the debt to Link Financial, they were so unhelpful, rude and told lie after lie e.g: We have spoken to your father this morning about this debt!!! Her Dad doesnt live with her Mum, when I spoke to them, the guy was so rude, so I lost my temper and told him to stick his letters and phone calls where the sun dont shine! I ended up borrowing the money from my Parents....Ive found in the past if you front them out and tell them, that there is no way you can afford it, and just send a letter every week saying the same, eventually they come round
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