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Hi everyone. About 8 years ago, in my more naive days, I received a CCJ, which I never paid for. Eight years later I've turned things around and I am about to start my own business in 7 days. I've been shopping around for business insurance and I've had one insurer on the phone refuse me a quote because of my old CCJ. Currently exploring other options.

I'm aware that after 6 years the CCJ drops off the file and I've just check my file online and it indeed has dropped off. However, will not declaring this old CCJ still present problems down the line? If it's not on my file will an insurance company still be able to find out?



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    Assuming you are a micro business eg very small, you only have to answer specific questions that are clearly worded.

    If the Insurer / broker does not ask about CCJs or only asks for CCJs that are current then you don't have to volunteer the answer.

    Be aware to check any "Assumptions" the Insurers make as they will sometimes state in these they assume you have no current CCJs.

    You would probably be better off visiting a local broker (Avoid Swintons) preferably one that specialises in Commercial Insurance. They can find an Insurer that is not worried about the CCJ but more importantly for you a good broker will explain to you what the policy covers and more importantly what it does not cover. They would also brief you on changes you might need to make in the future as your business grows.

    Often local brokers are good for providing networking opportunities eg they may recommend you to their customers or introduce you to potential suppliers.
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    Some do accept a CCJ, some don't. Sometimes the same company does or does not accept the CCJ depending upon what system your broker is using. Sometimes the question is 'ever', sometimes it's within a set timescale (usually five or ten years), sometimes it's not asked at all.

    Failing to disclose it might cause you problems down the line.
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