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I have brought BT Wholehome Wifi system from BTs online store last year, after the goods became fautly I sent them back and BT issued a refund to my credit card (Monzo). The problem is the Monzo card had gone through some changes and in between me buying and sending the goods back, and the orginal card number is no longer valid. I have been issued a new card by Monzo. I therefore have not received my refund because Monzo say the refund will have failed to the old card number. Monzo can't reactive this card number and BT are refusing to change the card number and re-issue the refund. I understand BT will have policies to protect them again fraud but after I have provded letters from Monzo, offered to go through any security checks BT will not see sense and are happy for me to be a large sum of money out of pocket plus I do not have the products any more, I have had to fork out again for them (not from BT and not WholeHome). Monzo are trying to help but there doesn't appear to be much they can do. Where do I stand here, can anyone help. Can BT refuse to give me a refund? What responsibilty does Monzo as a bank have?

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    They can issue a cheque instead when they see the refund bounces
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    They can't refuse to issue you a refund, but their security policies are in place to protect themselves from fraud, etc so they have to try to issue the refund to the card used to make the purchase. Once this fails, they might be able to issue the refund in the form of a gift card/voucher if that is of use to you? Or otherwise insist on a cheque made in your name which you can then bank wherever you choose.
  • Thanks for the replys. BT are continuning to refuse to refund to anything else other than the orginal card. This is despite the fact I have provided a letter from Monzo stating that this card number will not work and can not be restored or made to work. So I am £189.99 out of pocket with no Wifi System.

    I have filled out a EU Online Dispute Resolution, not sure how good this will be, does anyone have any other suggestions how to complain and get this resolved?
  • Sue them online at MCOL
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    Financial Ombudsman.

    Complain online with all relevant details etc.
  • A lot depends on who has got your money. Was it bounced back to BT by Monzo, or is it sitting in a Monzo suspense account? Monzo might say it will have been rejected but have they actually checked? I suppose BT's refusal to reissue the refund might indicate they have it back but don't let Monzo get away without checking properly.

    Refunds always come in after sales and card issuers know this and should set up their systems to cater for such eventualities. Trouble is, those who specify what the systems need and those who build them never check that what they are doing actually meets the needs of the end users - same old story.

    This could have been an expensive holiday transaction paid for over a year ago; card number gets changed; refund fails; same boat, but could be for thousands of pounds.

    At the end of the day, BT (although being a bit inflexible) is right to say they need to refund the original card (to avoid an old-time fraud trick) and I would say it is Monzo who have failed you by not building a system capable of handling this situation - which will continue to crop up time and again.

    Don't be fobbed off by call-centre staff who are not empowered to do anything to help you properly (and probably don't have the time either) and complain in writing to them. Point out their failings and explain why it is important not to reject refunds out of hand and that they must get their systems put right. Tell them to give you the refund sent by BT and to go and sort out the mess they have created themselves.

    You could also write to BT asking for flexibility. Once again their call-centre staff are probably not empowered to do the right thing but their complaint handlers may be.
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    Given that Visa apparently expect refunds to be processed up to 540 days after a transaction it seems probable that Monzo are not complying with their card organisations rules. I would try complaining to the relevant card organisation.
  • Given that Visa apparently expect refunds to be processed up to 540 days after a transaction it seems probable that Monzo are not complying with their card organisations rules. I would try complaining to the relevant card organisation.

    Agreed, but probably best to go via the Card Issuer in the first instance - I suspect Visa will not want to handle the query and will push Op in that direction.
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