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I just took out content insurance with Admiral and as I was going through my policy documents I found that mobile phones are only covered up to £150 with a £100 excess, is this normal?
Also, as I wasn't made aware of this until after purchase, would I have a right to cancel and get a full refund?



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    You can usually cancel a contents policy at any time as long as no claims have been made

    Check your policy wording to see what you have to pay in terms of a cancellation fee depending on how long the policy has been in force

    If you are unhappy with your insurance company the route to go down is a complaint in line with their complaints procedure

    Then if they ignore you for 8 weeks or you are unhappy with the response you can escalate to the FOS for their adjudication at no cost to you
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    It says they will charge me £25 to cancel, surely that's not fair when I wasn't aware of the mobile phone limit until after purchase, not to mention the policy hasn't even started yet, starts on the 1st of September.

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    See the advice in #2 re complaining if you are unhappy.

    But the £25 sounds an admin fee for cancelling which will be enforceable assuming it's set out in the policy wording. Have you checked out what the policy says happens if you want to cancel?

    Presumably you did have the opportunity to find out what cover was being provided before you bought the policy and what the excesses are?
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    The documents are available for view online, and you would had been encouraged to read these before inception of the policy -

    It even appears that their latest terms don't cover mobile phones at all!

    Pay the £25 cancellation fee which is perfectly legitimate, and learn for next time.
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    Hi I had boiler insurance with “protect your home” - I also had a separate appliances cover. When I called December 2017 re boiler query, was told I didn,t have that cover just appliances . However a second direct debit was taken out in May as well as one for appliances in April. I phoned on various occasions re this and also tried to report a fault with an appliance . Got no response though was told would get call back. I wrote in June making a complaint and asking for money back. No response now see company dissolved in June 18 . The direct debit company still exists can I ask them for repayment since service was not actually provided , even before dissolution.?
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    You have 14 days from receipt of documents to cancel if the policy is not suitable. I don't think they can charge an admin fee during this time. If you took the cover and did not read the policy within 14 days that is a risk you decided to take.

    Policies are long and insurers cannot go through every detail when taking cover. If you did it online, you should have been able to read the documents and limits prior to accepting cover. Always read the wording before taking a policy!

    If your phone isn't damaged it isn't a big issue. Plus, you can get separate cover for your phone.
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