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Hi all,

First time buyer need to arrange home insurance but I’m confused on some “add-on” cover and not sure if I should get them. It's a leasehold flat so there is building insurance in place. I’d be grateful if someone could clarify if the below cover is correct for the scenarios that I can think of.

1. Accidental damage cover: forgot to switch of kitchen stove, cause fire and damage kitchen unit.

2. Accidental damage cover: as above, but fire spread to neighbour’s home

3. Accidental damage cover: Washing Machine leaking cause damage to my carpet or floor

4. Legal Expense cover: Washing Machine leaking and causes damage to the flat blow, I don’t agree with their claim amount. If they want to sue me then I have legal expense cover to fight them in court

5. Home emergency & accidental damage cover: Drill into pipe and cause water leak.

Also, what cover should I get for any damaged caused in neighbour’s home during refurbishment? The lease says insurance must be in place before starting any work.

Thanks a lot.


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    Accidental cover = the cat jumped on the tv, it fell on the floor and broke.

    Knocked a cup of tea on the pc and it died.

    Kids playing ball in the house and broke the ming vase.

    Painting the bedroom and accidently kicked the paint tin over and it spilt on the carpet.
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    Scenario 1 would more than likely be classed as a fire damage claim rather than accidental damage

    Scenario 2 wouldn't happen. Your home insurer would only pay for damage to your property, unless you were negligent in some way.

    Scenario 3 would be classed as escape of water claim, not accidental damage.

    Scenario 4 wouldn't be legal expenses cover. If your machine just leaked for no reason then your neighbour downstairs has to pay for their own damage. They can only sue you if you are negligent.

    Scenario 5 would be accidental damage.

    Legal cover is more for things like employment issue / boundary disputes etc, sometimes they can help if you've been injured etc. Check the policies to see what they cover before deciding if you need it or not
  • Insurance companies will only cover you for damage to your own home and not your neighbours.

    The neighbour would have to claim through their own insurance, that company will then try and recover the costs back from your insurer for the damages along with any excess the neighbour was liable to pay for.

    You will not need any accidental damage cover for this.

    Accidental damage will look to cover you for anything that cannot be considered a "peril". Storm, flood, fire, escape of water, theft, malicious damage, impact, subsidence etc.

    Accidental damage is not an all risk cover. Anything that is in the general exclusions of the policy will remain excluded regardless of whether you have the additional cover.

    This is for things like wear and tear or other things considered high risk which insurance do not look to cover. :)
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