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    I have just discovered that I am in a similar boat.
    One Call Insurance has renewed my cover, without my express permission.
    Due to a string of extraordinary personal circumstances I haven't realized this until now--two weeks after the money has been deducted from my credit card. Plus they have kindly signed me up for a series of optional extras that I would never have agreed to. Where do I stand? I am quite sure that I would never have given permission for them to renew automatically, but it will be my word against theirs. I really don't want to stay with them now. They have upped my premium by £80 from last year, too. Where do I stand? I know that I have dropped the ball on this one, but I have honestly had the year from hell so far and my attention was on other more urgent things. Any advice would be very much appreciated before I make the call on Monday. Thanks in advance.

    A renewal pack will be posted to you at least 21 days before your policy is due for renewal.

    All annual policies will automatically renew unless we make you aware otherwise.

    Where do you stand? Well you won't be getting a £100 fixed penalty notice from the DVLA, and you've avoided the risk of having you car seized by plod when you car pings up as uninsured on their ANPR.

    Aren't you lucky? Automatic renewal means that even people distracted by 'extraordinary personal circumstances' remain insured to drive.
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