Has anyone used 'AlphaRecycle.co.uk' to sell mobiles?

Has anyone had any experience with this company 'AlphaRecycle.co.uk'?
(Or the comparison site SellTheMobile.com?)

I had a couple of iPhone 5s 16 Gb mobiles to sell and a couple of iPhone 6 16Gb mobiles.

The best price offered for the iPhone 5s was £54, or £75 store voucher at CEX.
Hence, I sold them both for store vouchers and plan to purchase something shortly.

Next was looking to sell the iPhone 6 mobiles.
CEX are offering £96 cash, or £133 vouchers - but I don't need any more vouchers, so only considering the cash.

Other companies are offering less eg. MusicMagpie offering £114, EnviroPhone £70 and Mazuma £60.

However, I came across a site called SellTheMobile, which compared a number of companies including one called AlphaRecyle which appears to offer £126.

Looking at the AlphaRecycle site they quote 'Trust Pilot Reviews "Excellent" '
However, when I go on the Trust Pilot site, I can't dins any reference to the company!
Warning signs......

£126 is clearly the best price available, but I'd like some confidence that (a) they aren't going to scam me altogether, and (b) the chances that they will try to offer me less money than offered.

The phones are in excellent condition, no scratches or marks etc all. Though don't come with original headphones.

Has anyone heard of AlphaRecylce, or better still sold a phone with them?
Or....is it not worth the risk?

I usually sell my old mobiles on eBay, but I don't think it's worth the effort for these older phones as am likely to beat the CEX offer, especially after the selling costs etc...

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  • I would be careful, i have had many bad experiences with companies such as AlphaRecycle.co.uk. They quote you a high price and once they have got hold of your phone the offer is reduced. £126 for a used iphone 6 is unrealistic. I'm guessing they have to pay staff, postage, process and then try to sell the phone on for profit, reasoning being they offer an attractive number then reduce. If you go through with them leave a feedback.
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