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Hi There I hope I'm posting this in the right place. It's a bit of a story to bare with me.

I split with my wife 2 months ago. About 1 month ago a received a credit card statement and payment demand from capital one. It had a balance of roughly £2400 outstanding. Checking my credit file(never done this before or I would have known sooner) I discover I have this credit card taken out 3 years ago with most payments made on time only the the past 2 months funnily enough hadn't been paid. I immediately contacted Capital One explained what has happened. I also got in contact with my wife to find out what the is going on. After a lot of faffing about she has taken ownership of the debt with capital one and they are in the process of removing it from my credit file.

However even more concerning is I have found a CCJ in my name that was issued in march 2016 and settled in march 2018. After some digging I have found it was for a mail order
electronics catalogue from 2013! I suspect my lovely wife took this out to pay for TVs, playstations etc in my name and has never told me. I intend to contact the court and try get the judgement set aside but i'm not sure how to go about this the judgement is settled and not outstanding. The only evidence I have is that payments never came out of my own personal bank account as we always had separate accounts. Could i get my wife to write them a letter? I don't have any leverage to get her to do this I don't think. I really need help as was hoping to sell up and move in the next couple of years and doubt i'll get a new mortgage with this CCj on my file.

Sorry for the wall of text I'm just looking for advice as all this has come as such a shock.


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    Starre84 wrote: »
    Could i get my wife to write them a letter? I don't have any leverage to get her to do this I don't think.
    Well there is the fact (beyond reasonable doubt?) that she acted fraudulently, which you'd be quite entitled to report to the police. Any proceedings and CCJs will doubtless have involved written correspondence being sent to your address, so I imagine there's no other explanation?

    However, whether a letter would actually achieve what you're looking for is another story - I presume that you'll go through a formal separation in which all financial matters have to be declared and resolved, with legal assistance, so this would be the time to get all this onto the table and sorted out....
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    It's a bit of a story to bare with me.


    Put some clothes on !!!
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    What CC would allow some one to take over a debt? Please enlighten us.
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    To be blunt - the only way you will get rid of this debt and association with your name is reporting your wife to the police. End of story. The moment you dither and say you don't want her to face the consequences of her actions, the companies will assume you are just trying to get out of the debt and won't buy it.

    Report her, get the crime reference details, then go back to these firms and tell them to remove the debts from your record and provide the police details. If you don't, the debts will be yours for at least the next few years if not longer depending on how the firms act.
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