MSE Poll: How do you rate your broadband provider?

Poll started 14 August 2018
We can tell you which the cheapest broadband providers are, but to keep the customer service ratings updated, we need your help.

Please rate your BROADBAND provider on customer service (not price) over the past SIX MONTHS.
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  • I switched from BT fibre to Vodafone fibre months ago and get regular drop-outs since switching.

    Before BT I was with EE fibre, and as much as I hate to admit it since they're the automatic 'go-to' for people who don't bother to shop around and I feel they take advantage of that in their pricing, by far BT has been the most reliable and provided easily the best router. The router alone makes it worth paying more for.
  • When my partner and I moved in together we had to leave Virgin Fibre and BT Fibre and sign up to the only option available which was the slow BT ADSL copper cable option. At first it wasn!!!8217;t a big issue but 5 years on with more and more devices connected and streaming demands, the old adsl copper isn!!!8217;t up to the task. More frustrating is the fact that despite moving to the town centre and being slap bang in the middle of offices that enjoy fibre optic broadband, there!!!8217;s still no sign of it being supplied to our address. This is despite both the exchange and the cabinet being modified to allow fibre optic broadband.
    The option to let both BT and Virgin know you!!!8217;re interested in getting fast fibre broadband by sending an email is a nice gesture but after 5 years of telling them all you get is an automatic response saying they!!!8217;ll let you know when it!!!8217;s going to happen......!
    We aren!!!8217;t suffering the fate of the hard to connect rural locations who seem to attract initiatives and funding for innovative local schemes but nor do we enjoy the choice of isp suppliers that it feels ofcom or others thinks we have. My choice is BT or whoever supplies adsl broadband through the local BT exchange. There may be a few pounds saved using someone else but that!!!8217;s not the point. Anyone else in this situation and has any tips for getting high speed broadband in a town centre location ? All the info online seems to be geared to communities halfway up a mountain rather than urban dwellers.
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    Why when I click on vote why am I sent to the bank service poll?

    I attempted to set up BT, broadband, phone and TV but they failed miserably so I cancelled, they had the cheek to say I would have to pay the rest of the contract for the TV, I never received the box engineers didn't turn up THREE times and I was without a land line for three weeks. And the Indian call centre were totally useless, wouldn't listen just stuck to script.

    Sky on the other hand were remarkably good. Set me up within three days, that included sending out the hub and calling me to ask if I wanted help setting up the hub, and was I happy with the service and could they have done any better.
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    Richmc wrote: »
    Why when I click on vote why am I sent to the bank service poll?

    Because the bank one is the current poll. They change weekly give or take. So the one you are trying to click has closed for votes.
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