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Due to loss of a partner and severe illness my cards have gone to 'collections'. All creditors were advised of the situation before a payment was missed, and a Financial Statement and explanatory letter was sent. All have been totally understanding, and a plan entered into with each one that we are now happy with.

However, Creation are absolute refusing to respond to ANY communication I send to them, in fact each letter I get from them states in various forms "we cannot understand why you are refusing to communicate with us!" I know that 'Recorded Delivery' does not necessarily afford the 'protection' I need to prove I have written numerous letters to them, the last letter I sent to them contained copies of all previous letters from me, and they have just replied with "We do not understand why you have not contacted us!"

I am extremely concerned about the Financial Statement and other personal information I have sent them has "gone astray" and I wonder what, if any protection I have under Data Protection.

My illnesses are progressing to a point where this is causing real concern. Being hard of hearing I do not use the telephone, though I suspect they would deny that too!. I am disabled and even if I could get an appointment with local CAB there is no way to park anywhere near their offices.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to start a dialogue with Creation, or at least be assured that my private data has not been abused etc.

Many Thanks


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