Charged for a new train ticket - need advice


I someone could offer me advice regarding a situation that occurred today on my to York via train.

I arrived at kings cross station this morning to catch an 11.27am train to York. When I got there the platform boards in front of the barriers did not have the train departure times on. I wasn't sure which train was mine, I quickly ran up the length of the platform and none of the boards said anything other than welcome to kings cross. I also noticed that there was no information in front of the trains. The barriers were open so I ran up to one of the trains and asked the ticket man if it was the 11.27am to York. He smiled at me and laughed and said no this is the 12.00pm train to York. Yours is on platform 5.

I trusted him and boarded the train on platform 5, there was no one to ask on the platform of number 5. The train itself had no description of where it was going and nor did it make any annoucments other than the next stop details the whole journey.

The ticket lady came so i got out my 11.27am ticket and this is when she informed me that this was the 11.30am train to York. I expressed my confusion and explained that the were no departure boards up and the train conductor had directed me to this train. She was very firm that I now had to buy a new ticket and charged me £72 for a new one.

I'm don't think this is fair as the boards were down and the train guard directed me to the train. Is there anyway of claiming a refund?



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    Are you sure you got the right platform? The 11:27 leaves from platform 5 BUT the 11:30 uses platform 4.
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    unforeseen wrote: »
    Are you sure you got the right platform? The 11:27 leaves from platform 5 BUT the 11:30 uses platform 4.

    But today they left from different platforms as described by the OP:

    Although the two trains are run by different companies and have different branding all over them.
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    Definately claim for a full refund from LNER.

    (a) you were misinformed by train company staff, and if it was the conductor of the 1200 service, that was a member of LNER staff directing you to another LNER service rather than the 1127 Grand Central service you asked for. You have an argument that you were permitted to travel on the 1130 by one LNER conductor and that should not have been countermanded by another.

    (b) station departure boards weren't working and the railway failed to provide you with the information before boarding the train

    I would also complain to Grand Central about LNER poaching their customers and you having to pay for another ticket.

    It's not helped by the fact that LNER still shows as GR on some systems (from GNER days).
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