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I recently had someone run in to the back of my parked and unattended car. The third party have admitted liability and it seems I have a choice between claiming through my own car insurance or theirs.

Given the incident has happened close to my motor policy renewal date it seems, on paper, better to go through the third party as the claim will be recorded as non fault and notification only by my insurer and so shouldn't affect my non claims and premium at renewal.

Going through my insurer means I'll have an open claim at policy renewal time even though my insurer has been notified of third party liability so I'll get clobbered with the premium at renewal.

I suspect insurance companies exist mostly to take premiums and pay out as little as they can possibly get away with, so are there any pitfalls of going directly through the third party insurer or am I better off claiming through my own insurer?



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    The only downside in using the third party insurer is that if you aren't happy with how the matter is dealt with/repairs completed etc you cannot use the FOS to adjudicate on the complaint (as you would be able to if you claim on your own insurance)

    The third party insurer should allow you to use a repairer of your own choice which may help ensure the repair is to your satisfaction
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    Your premium absolutely can be affected by this. You park in an area where people drive into the back of parked cars, QED you are more of a risk. Your NCD may not be affected but don't be surprised to see premium up.
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