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So I called Barclaycard earlier to see if there's any promotional rates on my account before I transfer the balance.

They have offered me 2 months @ 0% interest. I made sure to ask that the interest wasn't going to be frozen and they confirmed it was a promotional offer.

I have a £8k balance which I took advantage off for home improvements. I currently have two empty cards (MBNA and Virgin). One has an offer and the other doesn't.

I thought the 2 months 0% would be useful as I could see if Virgin offer any promotional details or if MBNA can improve their offering.

However I have been reading that 'freezing' interest can impact ones credit file. I asked Barclaycard numerous times if this was the case and they simply confirmed it was a promotional offer.

Has anyone been offered anything similar?



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    Many people have been offered something similar.

    From what you've said it's a promo. not an AP, so nothing to worry about. You will see if it's anything different on your credit files.
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    No it wont affect your credit file.

    Please note that when you are on a reduced minimum payment or on a payment plan specifically given by collections team only then your credit file will be marked but Barclays would obtain your consent before doing so.
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