uPVC Window cleaning products - black rubber smearing problem

I cleaned the exterior of my uPVC windows with HG powerful Cleaner for uPVC windows.. Whilst it did a perfectly OK job with loose-ish surface dirt, it made the rubber frame seals ' run' with black liquid, which then got all over the cleaning rags, my gloves, and went onto the white plastic. It more or less got INTO the plastic almost instantly and the cleaning fluid struggled to get it off. It just smeared the black over the frames. I then tried to use HG pVC Reviver, which simply polished the surface and removed some of the black, but didnt get rid of the smearing, which now seems to be part of the plastic! I then used all known combinations of vinegar, water, the HG cleaners, and soap., to no effect. Does anyone know another (non pVC ruining) method, or ever had this issue.??


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    Have you contacted the manufacturer of the product you used? This can't be the first time it's happened.
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    Its not the product per se - i have read other threads with the same issue happened, even with just soap and water during normal cleaning...... It's just that those threads were old, or never reached a successful outcome. I have since tried, bleach, mould remover, and WD40, in small quantities to try. NOTHING worked. Still smeared a slight grey, so i gave up. There are NO other products in my arsenal. :)
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