Ncb - after motor incident

Need some expert advise on car insurance.

In March 2017 I had a minor motor incident which i reported it to the insurance company (I should't have as there was very little damage but I did as it was my first motor incident)

It wasn't my faulty (according to me) but looking at the photos the insurance company gave the decision in the favor of the other car.

there were no claims made from either side so my NCB was not affected but my insurance went up when i got it renewed. I renewed my insurance and switched my insurer to AD**AL (Former insurer was TE**C at the time of the incident)

In March 2018, i received an email from my insurer that the Non fault driver had made a claim and they settled the claim amount and this could affect my NCB.
please note: I had no NCB protection on

Now my insurance is due for another renewal in August and the quote I got from the existing insurer is based on 2 yrs NCB. I am fine with the quote and happy to proceed but I need to know the following;

1) Do I have to inform them about that the non fault drive made a claim after I had got the insurance with them ?

2) or do I just proceed to renew the claim as it will be renewed automatically

I am not sure whether my NCB is still valid or not

looking forward to all the replies


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