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frame for garage doors

I have an old prefab garage at the back of the garden. It has issues, but my main focus is to put some doors on it as the old doors have rotted or fell away (previous owner neglected).

I’ve already bought some doors for the garage, they’re a bit too small in width but well-made and primarily bought as they were cheap.

On one side of garage there is a 4*2 post attached to the protruding (facing) edge of the brick wall of the garage. I can hang a door on this where the previous door was located, no problem.

The other side similar piece of wood is rotting away and bolted in, it’s no good to hang a door on. Instead, I wanted to first break up a bit of the concrete floor so that I can concrete in a fence post probably 4*4 to act as a pillar. I plan to connect the tops of both posts (4*2 and 4*4) to add some stability and some tongue & groove cladding to cover the gap between 4*4 pillar and rotten away post.

Does this sound feasible? Any advice please?


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