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Outlook recall. Won't stop

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Busybee129Busybee129 Forumite
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I have not posted before but could do with some help.

I have recalled a message that I sent through outlook however I am getting lots of recalled messages. I have created a rule so that they move into my trash however I am!really!concerned that the company I recalled the message from will be getting lots of messages to.

There is nothing bad in the message sent it just it wasn't as up to date as I needed it to be.

Is there anything I can do to stop the company I recalled the message from getting all these emails. I plan to call them in the morning but I'm so worried they are going to come in to so many emails. I have only just been offered a role(not IT)

I have gone offline until this can be sorted.

Thanks for helping (in advance -i know) I could cry


  • LorianLorian Forumite
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    I'm probably the bearer of bad news....

    Its likely everyone you sent it to has the original message in their inbox (fully readable) followed by an email from you saying you wish to recall it.

    saying you have lots of recalled messages doesn't really make sense.
  • Thank you for replying, there was nothing bad in there luckily. I'm just so worried about these failed to recall emails that are coming through thick and fast. They are going in my sent items to.
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