Do you still rely on cash?

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Came across this interesting news article by the BBC regarding UK spending habits.

Despite the technological advancements in transaction methods, and the increasing rate of card purchases, 2-3 million UK residents still rely on cash.

Interesting question to everyone, where do you stand with carrying cash?


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    You can buy food with cash - and get a bus or taxi home - you can't do that with a bit of plastic if the systems are down.

    And that's the bottom line.

    You know where you are with cash. If I give you £5 I know I've paid you £5. If I give you plastic, I might be surprised to find there was a "glitch" and it got taken 4x, or became £500..... you can't trust what you can't see and touch.
  • Its hard to barter with plastic. A Tesco bag full of cash can get a sellers attention. I bought a new car that way before large amounts of cash became suspicious.
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    I don't rely on it as such - most of my transactions are on card - but I always carry cash and find there are a lot of circumstances in which it comes useful.

    One of the main issues for me is charity giving - loads of people give small change and it all adds up. I do use direct debit for my favourite charities, but it's all the little things like cake sales at work, the poppy appeal etc. that would lose out.
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    I!!!8217;ve nothing to hide so I don!!!8217;t care if we are a cashless society or not.
    Maybe I!!!8217;d prefer the money launderers and crims to have a harder time, so, on balance I think I!!!8217;d prefer a cash,less society
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    Cash is used for all sorts of transactions - keeps tiny businesses and little charity shops going as there aren't hidden charges for cash.

    Banks would be happy if we were cashless they would be rolling in virtual cash like numbers from transaction charges. :rotfl: KEEP
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    Some businesses like launderettes, some buses (Arriva), barbers, pubs still require cash.
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    Yes, I do because I find it's easier to stick to a budget that way.
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    I use both. Though being unwaged at the moment due to health issues I prefer to use cash if I can. It helps me to keep within my budget allocations. It's easy to lose track of spending when making numerous chip and pin or contactless payments for small purchases. I prefer to use cards for larger purchases and cash for smaller ones. I hope never to be in a position where cash isn't used as a method of payment.
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  • I am not prepared to go cashless just yet....

    The little baker across the way sells the most amazing toasty-tea-cakes...and only accepts cash, they don't even accept credit cards.

    Our 'Community Car' service (A company that will drive OAPs/Disabled People wherever they want to go at a very reasonable fare...basically petrol plus a minimal admin charge) will only accept do the local taxi cab firm.

    There is a charming local caf! run by a charity giving training and work-experience to young people with learning difficulties...they prefer cash- part of the training of the young people is learning to handle money.

    A number of the local market stalls are cash-only...included the chap from whom I buy fruit and veg.

    I have a debit card, and a newly acquired credit-card but there are still some things I prefer to pay for in cash - especially as so many of the small shops round here are cash-only...they simply don't have the facilities to accept cards.
  • I don't 'rely' on cash, I prefer to use cash but that is a completely seperate question.

    I have yet to got to in person to buy something and been refused it because I am paying in cash.
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