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Discrimination against disabled



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    I warned ASDA head office in Leeds (by complaining on their website about the new PPC changes in my local store) that if my VRM receives a PCN and it isnt cancelled that I would be sending them an LBC and then an MCOL under the EA2010 due to discrimination , especially if they could not furnish me with details of what they are doing to make "reasonable adjustments" for me under the EA2010

    I also informed them that I have a recognised disability called A.S. and have done so for decades and so I definitely qualify under the EA2010 , regardless of if I have a BB or not, so can use their "disabled bays" under said law - regardless (contractual terms cannot override the law)

    they did ask for proof and as I actually have a BB I emailed a scan, they have since told me that my vehicle will NEVER receive a PCN on their car parks because they added it to their "whitelist"

    bear in mind that I did not even have a PCN at that time , but my EA2010 warning was certainly noted and action taken by them to head me off at the pass

    the EA2010 frightens most landowners , so I got in early so they could not say they were not aware. I have all this in writing after raising a complaint with reference on their website

    the moral of the story ? go for the jugular of the landowner themselves , talk to the organ grinder , not the cappuchin
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  • Thank you everyone thats helped me so much, I will prepare my letters and gather my evidence, will update as soon as I have more news
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