MSE Poll: Do you just head to Amazon when you shop online?

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Poll started 24 July 2018
Last year, retail heavyweight Amazon reportedly accounted for over a third of online spending in the UK – suggesting it’s the first port of call for many, especially those who pay £79 a year for its Amazon Prime ‘free’ next-day delivery service.

So we want to know if you still compare prices when shopping online, or whether you just head to Amazon out of habit?

Please select the option closest to your view, EXCLUDING GROCERIES…
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  • elsien
    elsien Forumite Posts: 31,139
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    No, because a) they're not always cheapest and b) they've effectively decided they don't want my custom by making more and more things
    only available to Prime subscribers.
    So unless there's a free Prime trial they've had it from me.
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  • I_luv_cats
    I_luv_cats Forumite Posts: 14,407
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    Ebay is often cheaper, quicker and no minimum spend!

    (occasionally Amazon marketplace is cheaper though they can inflate the postage!!!)

    For Music Discogs can be cheaper where you can group available purchases (via wish list, same seller) to save on postage.

    Though I prefer local stores if a good deal on or in a hurry!
  • happyinflorida
    happyinflorida Forumite Posts: 807
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    I cannot believe so many people are just going straight to Amazon for shopping!!!! They must have money to waste and not care about them not paying any tax in UK, depriving us of £Billions in unpaid taxes.

    I boycott Amazon - that should have been one of the answers IMO.

    They are never cheaper for anything I want to buy - I always have a look as I know they won't be cheaper when I do my search on "Duck,Duck,Go" - which I use instead of Google because they don't trace you either!

    Get wise people, do not use Amazon = they treat their staff so badly too
  • Melancholie
    Melancholie Forumite Posts: 73
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    We have a cheap Prime membership (husband is a student) so if I need something quickly then I'll look at Amazon, but I shop around if not. They're often not the cheapest and so much on there is third party sellers now that you can usually get a better deal looking that seller up and going direct to their own website.
  • thebigbosh
    thebigbosh Forumite Posts: 298
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    have a fairly substantial amazon balance so keep going there
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  • Wizard_of_Id
    Wizard_of_Id Posts: 5,512 Forumite
    Never used amazon since I contacted a virus on my PC when I bought something through them about 7 years ago.
    It wasn't a serious one but new enough to get past my controls and did take a bit of work to remove from my PC once my anti-virus had been updated.
  • Senseicads
    Senseicads Forumite Posts: 200
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    I am amazon-ed up to my eyeballs. I love the service they have in place, I have a student prime account. It gives me access to the video and all sorts. I love prime delivery, although I can get things delivered to work which helps out with missed deliveries etc. It's their customer service to be honest that I am most impressed with. I used audible for a bit and cancelling was easy, it's all done on line. Chatting to customer service reps is easy, either online or through their call back facility. I love them a service. I like their kindle and their books too. I even took out one of their credit cards when I bought the missus a kindle so I now earn points to spend further at Amazon....don't know if you're getting this but I am a big fan! ;-) its just easy and convenient for me
  • mjm3346
    mjm3346 Forumite Posts: 46,429
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    I nearly always use Amazon, their range is enormous, their customer service excellent and at some point they are usually the cheapest for everything I buy. The free "autorip" on many CDs I have also means the Amazon Echo already has a good music library on it.

    Although I voted
    I usually compare prices when shopping online

    that is to check Amazon are cheapest before buying from them, if they are not I wait till they are.

    Getting a good amount (£1400 last year) of Amazon vouchers as rewards from various websites helps.
  • jbryce
    jbryce Forumite Posts: 55
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    I always compare prices, and usually elsewhere is cheaper, typically half the price of Amazon.
  • Sea_Shell
    Sea_Shell Forumite Posts: 8,885
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    My first port of call is usually Amazon, but if something looks a bit dear, or not what i'm looking for, then i'll shop around. Have got quite a gift card balance built up (survey vouchers) so it still worth using even if they are a little bit more expensive. I try not to pay P&P if possible. No Prime membership.

    I am also wary about items that would be difficult to return, so usually just stick to small items.
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