Should I buy travel insurance through tour operator?

I wouldn't normally ask this question as I know the answer is no, but this is slightly different.

It's a 10 day escorted rail tour to Italy with a company called Rail Discoveries, staying in 4 different locations. They recommend their Specialist Rail Holiday Insurance and describe it as 'tailor made with rail holidays in mind'.

I'm wondering how this differs from any other travel insurance. We've previously done short rail trips in Europe under our own steam and organised our own insurance, I don't recall any mention of specialist rail travel insurance. The only difference this time is that we will be travelling with other people and a tour manager.

Has anyone any experience of this, would we get more suitable cover by buying their insurance on this occasion?


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    I can only see little that is specialist about it. For example

    14. Rail cover -
    Unused pre-booked excursions
    Unattended baggage
    Extended travel delay (a) after 3 hours
    Extended travel delay (b) after 6 hours

    travel delay is pretty standard on travel insurance.
    If your excursions are included in the package price rather than paid for seperately it's unlikely you'd be entitled to any to anything (or very little) back.
    Unattended luggage is really no different to anyone flying anywhere (I presume it means in the hands of the holiday company/railway company and not literally left unattended).

    The only small advantage I can see is that you might get more assistance from the tour manager/holiday company if you have bought their insurance i.e. the tour manager might well telephone the railway company/insurer on your behalf if you have an incident whereas with your own policy you are "on your own".
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