Travel Insurance What Does Cancellation Cover Mean?

We are going on holiday in a few weeks and are looking at insurance.

One problem we have is we care for my elderly mother and if she was to fall ill we would possibly need to cancel the holiday.

Would cancellation cover pay out in such a circumstance? Or does it only apply if the holiday is cancelled by the operator etc?

Thanks for any advice.
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    Cancellation because a close relative falls ill will be covered

    Note though that any pre existing health conditions won't be covered.
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    You need to check with the insurance company what cover they give. You MAY have to advise them of any pre existing conditions that your mother has.

    If the cancellation was due to something arising from a pre existing condition it is unlikely they would cover it unless specifically agreed.
  • Would it be better to postpone, rather than cancel the holiday?

    It would likely pay out if the claim isn't related to anything pre-existing - check the policy's exclusions, they should be clear on what won't be covered.

    It's unlikely that you would need to declare your mother's conditions.
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    if she was to fall ill we would possibly need to cancel the holiday.

    You will only be covered for serious illness of your mother.
    I understand how worrying it is as we have elderly parents ourselves so I sympathise.
    My FIL was in hospital when we went on holiday in January.
    We did not know what was wrong with him so that was quite worrying but the consultant said that there was no reason to cancel our holiday.
    Sorry to sound brutal but you will only be covered if there is an expectation that she might die or a likelihood she might decline.
    Furthermore you won't get a definitely answer from the insurer beforeand because they would looks at medical evidence after the event.
    However you can get info from a hospital consultant or doctor - for example you can ask they if there is a reason you should cancel your holiday so at least you know what they will tell the insurance company.
    You won't be covered if say she falls and you are concerned about her.
    I understand how worrying this is but cancellation cover is for serious illness i.e. might die or death.

    I spoke to my insurer recently with concerns about pre-existing conditions (long term chronic ones) and they said it was fine (I have the name of the person I spoke to and the date and time should there be an issue), so I think it depends on the nature of the condition.
    Clearly if your parent was acutely ill it would not be sensible to book a holiday and an insurer won't accept this, but it's less clear when it comes to long term conditions. If you are concerned I would say talk to your insurer as you've nothing to lose if they wouldn't pay anyway and it's better to know that.

    Would it be better to postpone, rather than cancel the holiday?

    I was recently looking at a package and the terms and conditions were total loss after 90 days. I believe such terms are common.

    I spoke to the agent who said they would try to help in extreme circumstances but could't guarantee availability.
    In the end I booked direct and will pay at the hotel when I get there. Flights are booked direct and are amendable/refundable for a fee.

    So posponement is not always possible at short notice if you book a holiday package or through a travel agent.

    I found better term direct.
    There are risks to doing that especially where they don't take credit cards, but in my case I consider the chance of my parent being ill somewhat higher than business failure, tsunami or earthquake, so I decided to take a different risk.
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