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I'm looking for some sportswear at the reasonable price, I need a workout bra, leggings, and a tank top. Can anyone recommend or tell me from where I can get the different varieties of tank top, my friend recently made a purchase from booty bands sportswear, if you know any other online shop do let me know.
Thank you.


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    I didn't realise Booty Bands did sportswear.
    Any reason why you don't want to order from them as your friend did?

    You could try Sports Direct but I'd recommend you read the delivery/return T&Cs before you order.
    I've had some USA Pro fitness crops but am not keen on their tops.
    I only wear M&S sports bras but I've got a large bust.

    Asda, Tesco & Sainsbury's all have fitness clothing.

    Or Google 'fitness sportwear'.
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    Wife wears two decent sports bras and skimpy tops or tee shirts from anywhere cheap. New Look, for example.

    Cropped leggings or shorts from USA Pro or Nike.
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    Matalan do a good range of sportswear. Don't wear normal vest tops as they don't have the stretch or sweat wicking properties of proper sports tops.

    Be very fussy around your leggings, you'd be surprised how many women don't realise they are wearing see through ones.

    Likewise, if you need firm control sports bra then ensure it is nice and tight.
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    If you are doing quite vigorous exercise then a proper sports bra is a must.

    My wife (very well endowed) swears by Shock Absorber. We get them and our running shoes from https://www.sportsshoes.com/.

    They do a full range of clothing as well but never really look at it, we get most of ours from Aldi, when they have it in, or Decathlon.

    On one of the running pages I'm on lots of the women swear by Tickaboo, but their not cheap.
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