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Mortgage payments

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Kymmy1605Kymmy1605 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Hi I'm currently sorting a mortgage and would like to know what's wats best way to pay it off quicker ? Ie extra monthly payments or a lump-sum at a time ?or is it same either way .also I'm getting a 5 yr fixed mortgage,and would like to know if after that when I remortgage ,will the monthly payments go down or not ?? New to all this


  • FarwayFarway Forumite
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    The rules may have changed, but when I was paying off early I found the interest was calculated annually, so it was better to pay in lump sum to reduce the "new" capital amount prior to "new" interest calculations

    Can't help with second question, sorry
  • campbell19925campbell19925 Forumite
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    Instead of paying off extra monthly it might be better to save what you would contribute monthly and benefit off the interest it would accrue in a fixed % savings account. Then pay it off as a lump sum.
  • RosyRedRosyRed Forumite
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    You may be better reposting your question on the Mortgage & endowment board.If you click forum at the top, a list of all other forums comes up and you'll find it there,hope that helps.Good luck with it.
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  • csarina2csarina2 Forumite
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    I would be inclined to pay off extra monthly, depending on how the interest is calculated. If its yearly then save the cash in a savings account and pay a lump sum off, do not lower your repayments keep paying at the same rate, it will pay down the debt quicker. There is a debt repayment calculator somewhere on this site you could put the amount and interest in and see which is the quickest way to pay it off
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  • SmlSaveSmlSave Forumite
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    Love, any overpayment is better than none - make sure you have an emergency fund first though.

    Re remortgaging in 5 years: that's dependant on interest rates at that time and the equity you hold in your property plus house prices. For example - if interest rates go up and house prices go down you could find yourself paying a lot more so have a play with the mortgage calculators and work out some good and bad scenarios
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  • Out,_Vile_JellyOut,_Vile_Jelly Forumite
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    You'll need to read the terms of your mortgage carefully; there may be a limit as to how much you can overpay annually (mine is up to 10% of the outstanding balance).

    I overpay monthly; the amount I used to save towards the deposit, plus the difference between rental and mortgage payments.

    If you have spare cash each month I would split it between overpaying, easy access saving and higher interest long term saving (if you can find any; I use Premium Bonds as at least there's the thrill of a possible big win).
    They are an EYESORES!!!!
  • Mummy2cheekymonkeysMummy2cheekymonkeys Forumite
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    Whatever works for you best really. We always had the intention to overpay lump sums but found we always made excuses and it never happened. I rang santander and asked them to change our monthly direct debit to overpay. Now we just make the payment without a second thought. I have also done a couple of bigger payments as lump sums but found the monthly way to be more effective and you don't notice it. Also agree about checking your t&c. Ours is also 10% or we would incur a fee.
  • SlinkySlinky Forumite
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    Chucking the spanner into the works, extra payments to your pension where you get tax relief (free money from Govt) may bring you a better return than overpaying your mortgage.
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