Medical Insurance while at USA University

My son is about to start a 4 year university degree in USA.

Any advice on where to look for good insurance and what type to get.
the way i'm thinking at the moment is to get single trip cover for a year and then then repeat. Annual "multi-trip" cover appears to limit the cover in any one location for a specific number of days.


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    I studied for a year in the US but it was about 12 years ago so I'm a little fuzzy on how I did it - I'm pretty sure it was a policy designed specifically for non-citizens living in the US though, as it covered the cost of flying me home in a casket if I died on US soil!

    Have a look at https://www.internationalstudent for info on what his visa will require in terms of cover. You could also contact the study abroad office at the US university directly for advice, as they will know better than anyone what the options are.
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    Single trip insurance might not work... It really is designed for holidays or short-ish stays, so most policies have a limit on the length of the trip - generally up to 60 days. You'll have to check policy wording carefully.

    On top of that, subsequent years might be a problem as it's also common for them to only cover you if you've lived in the UK for the last 12 months (before policy start date) with max a certain amount of time spent abroad.

    As the poster above mentioned, you're probably looking at specific insurance designed for people living/studying overseas...
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    I would imagine the university could advise?
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