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Hi all

On Saturday I signed up for a gym membership with virgin active to commence on the 1st July. During our chats I asked him about a deal a colleague of mine at work got (1 month free) he catagorically told me that that deal would not be available again until the end of the year at least. He then started saying that if I didn’t sign up on Saturday I’d lose the free joining fee.

I go to their website today looking for PT sessions and I can see there is an offer for one month free (first payment in August). I feel a little bit annoyed (one at myself, two at him) for signing up then a day later they do such a good offer.

I have used the gym (Sunday and today) so not sure I can use the cooling off period, but was wondering if I could have people’s thoughts?

I feel appreciate he might now have known the offers, but at the same time I feel a little bit misled.



  • He then started saying that if I didn!!!8217;t sign up on Saturday I!!!8217;d lose the free joining fee.

    Blimey, dust that one off its an antique.

    Bottom line is the sales person wanted the sale to get the commission.

    Not really much you can do if you have signed the paperwork, other than sending an email raising your disappointment, you might be able to get some free kit/food vouchers but thats probably best case scenario.
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