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What small DFW things will you do w/c 2nd July?

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  • spudsmumspudsmum Forumite
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    Hi all - happy humpday! Nothing much to report here just plodding along as normal and enjoying my usual wednesday afternoon off work with the smalls. Welcome to the new members - this is a fab supportive thread - hope you get as much out of it as i have :D

    Had the valuers round to look at my second property yesterday - they valued it much more highly than i would. i wasnt sure but she suggested i looked at other properties on sale in the local area and it seems about right. We're going to compromised by putting it on at slightly less as i want a quick sale.
    The fees werent as much as i was expecting either - its a fixed fee so no advantage for them in being optimistic about the value and then having it sat on the market for months. Its also no sale, no fee and a short contract which is exactly what i wanted. Hopefully it can go on the market in the next 10 days - i really want rid of it before winter

    Hey ho on to the Todays small things

    :A no tv on for smalls today - played in the garden instead
    :A repaired eldest small's school shoes AGAIN! - They WILL last until the end of term if it kills me.
    :A mum gifted me a dozen eggs from her hens
    :A mum also gifted me some potatoes and peas from her allotment
    :A harvested strawberries, rhubarb and radishes from my raised beds.
    :A another £39 paid to credit card
    :A done some surveys
    :A cashed out another £10 worth of amazon vouchers from surveys - got £35 towards smalls xmas presents now
    :A cooked off some apples so will make crumble with frozen blackberries i found tomorrow evening.
    :A will think of something else to take up the rest of the oven space while cooking the above.
    :A husband brought home a load of freezer stuff he'd been given free by his employer - literally not an inch of space in freezer now.
    :A sort meal plan and shopping list for friday - hoping i can match or better last weeks - £30.35 for a full weekly shop - we shall see!
    :A yesterday and today were NSD

    Think thats all for now
    Total debts £21050! :eek: now £17461.86 . 1% challenge £218/£4000 (5%) Total extra income made in 2018 £3580.79 2019 £367.20 frugal budget 2019 £82.96/£600 Aiming for debt free at 40 - only 20 months to go! :eek: :A
  • carrielovesfantacarrielovesfanta Forumite
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    1LuckyLady wrote: »

    :heart: as the oven was on I've also got an out of date, date cake cooking, this is the end of the ood dates best before end of june 2012!! :rotfl: I think when I started posting on here a couple of years ago under a different name I had 32 bags of them!!

    This is the end of an era!!! You should send us all a ceremonial slice :rotfl:
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    DawnWDawnW Forumite
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    Evening all :)

    Been out today, decided to make more use of our NT membership, so visited a property about half an hour from home. The grounds and gardens were lovely, but we didn't love the house itself. Will definitely go back to see more of the grounds on a cooler day though, as there is a lot of walking! Spends, apart from fuel, were 1 cool drink each, £1 for a secondhand book and a little donation to the parish church, which we also visited, so quite a cheap day out :) Was a bit annoyed about having to buy the drinks as we thought we had taken enough with us, but the car park (where we had extra supplies) was a long way from the property, and it was hot!

    Decided to change banks - the joint account that OH uses, all he wants is to get money out of the cash machine, and pay for things in shops / petrol stations. He doesn't do online shopping, banking etc, and doesn't want to... but the bank keep hassling him to sign up for internet banking, and insist on sending him reams of paper statements because he doesn't do so. The process for signing up is also quite onerous, in that he would have to do it himself on the phone instead of me doing it for him online. So we have decided to dump FD, although they have always been pretty good in every other respect. I haven't had ths issue with Santander (our other joint account, who seem happy for me to do all the online stuff) so hopefully Nationwide won't hassle him either!

    Pesto pasta for dinner, and I must portion and freeze the rest of the pesto in a minute. I also have some ironing to do :eek: but it probably won't get done tonight! We have had a miniscule amount of rain, so I might escape watering tonight!!

    We are planning to take little GD for a camping trip at the weekend, so busy planning everything we will need to take :eek:

  • allydowdallydowd Forumite
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    *Grate the giant courgettes. Poss cook another courgette loaf cake? - I feel like this is the courgette version of Ally's quiche ;) - woohoo, OH has grated it!

    Pahaha. :rotfl:
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  • foxglovesfoxgloves Forumite
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    Evening m'ducks,
    Haven't engaged much on here this week, but have I still been keeping the MSE faith? You bet your sweet bottoms I have! Have been really busy & achieved loads. I did buy quite a lot this morning in town, but I know where all the cheap prices are on stuff I needed to buy & all of it was planned spending.
    I nearly had one distinctly NON-money saving blip though. Those of you who have read my DFW diary will know it's called 'Put away your purse, become debt-averse'. Well, this morning I kind of forgot to take my own advice on the first bit, as I didn't put my purse away & left the bloody thing in Morrisons. This is very unlike me & I didn't notice until I needed cash for the fruit & veg stall on the market. Went back to Morrisons & the assistant had found it. As it was my grocery shopping petty cash purse & not my 'real' purse, it only had cash in it, no cards or anything, so when I went to collect it, I couldn't prove it was mine. Luckily I'd had a chat with the assistant while she was scanning my shopping & when the customer services person went to check with her, she could remember me. There was only £23 in that purse, but if I hadn't got it back, I'd have had to make up the loss in the grocery budget from elsewhere, so it was a good outcome.
    The morning then ended on a rather surreal note as a complete stranger in a shop asked me if I would mind helping to settle a dispute. Composing my face into my best unbiassed adjudication face, & awaited the question......which was "Which of these balls of wool is the right colour green for Shrek?"
    Another busy job list ready for tomorrow.
    Love to all,
    F x
    Money can't jump out of your purse on its own so ask 'Can I borrow one, make one, grow one, bake one, re-purpose or recycle, acquire it for free?' Yes? Then put that purse away & keep your money because little savings
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  • little_pink_purselittle_pink_purse Forumite
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    Morning everyone

    The sun is shining here

    Todays to do
    Check banking
    On a double shift with a wee break in the middle
    A nsd
    All meals from stores
    Check birthday card box for the next 6 months before my trip into town on Monday
    Better get my finger out

    Have a great day xx
    NSD 3/15 JAN
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    debt total £71k :eek:AGE 45 TRY TO BE DEBT FREE BY 50 :)
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    allydowdallydowd Forumite
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    Hi July-Penny-Jailers,

    Didn't finish my list. Kind of "conked out" mentally and went to sleep. Oh well, today will be better; I will make sure it is.

    This list will grow as I do stuff.

    Going to walk down to the beach later.

    Debt-Free-Nillionaire Continuity Plan Year Four:


    * Check online banking. Done.

    * Take medication. Done.

    * Turn alarm clock off at the wall til tonight. Done.

    * Get some (gentle) exercise.

    * Clear emails. Done.

    * Defrost some rolls for tomorrow's breakfast. Done.
    * Go to Post Office an change back the Euros we didn't spend. Done.

    * Check DW's balances. Done.

    * Go grocery shopping with DW. Done. Bought YS bread and wonky onions.

    * Accept mystery shop in neighbouring town. Done.

    * Discuss Netflix with DW. We are on a one month free trial. Done. We are going to pay for 1 month more at £5.99 and then decide after that. It has brought us joy.

    * Post parcel as cheaply as possible to US. Done.

    * Exchange Euros back to Sterling at post office. Done.

    * Count final cost of holiday. Done. Cheaper than last year by £462!

    * Prepare an old laptop for sale on eBay.

    * Withdraw £2.20 TCB from car insurance into bank account. Done.

    To live without risk is to risk not living.
    Debt-free day: 8th May 2015
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    Free Running Challenge: 17/30
    "Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck," Dalai Llama
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    Happy_KittiesHappy_Kitties Forumite
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    Just lost my post:mad:

    Dull and overcast here but still very close. Really hoping for rain, we need it. We are starting to get fires near some of the villages, some households had to be evacuated at the beginning of the week.

    1LL I have to ask-how did u end up with 32 bags of dates??!!

    Haven't really done much. Crashed out at 7pm last night.

    Did get to yesterday and bought extra bits I forgot that I needed. Really need to set up a shopping list system.

    Once DD BF went home yesterday DD was very helpful in tidying up, stripping beds, and living room is much clearer:j

    DD is still doing great work of using up fridge bits and pieces in some very odd combinations

    When DD BF is over we swop rooms and I end up sleeping in DD room with missing cat now home who is very grumpy unless u are DD hence lack of sleep. If u are watching programmes on ur tablet, u have to make room for the cat who is an avid tv watcher, particularly liking medical dramas. It thinks nothing of trampling over ur head during the night or deciding despite the temp outside u do need a furry hot water bottle on u. It suffers from separation anxiety when DD goes to uni, together DD and the cat have a strict routine of slobbing out and sleeping:). DD suffers from chronic fatigue and it is a mutual case of where DD has helped the cat and vice versa, hence why the cat hates anyone else and certainly let's u know aswell

    Plans for today include just continuing to do some cleaning and have a take it easy day as shoulder was really playing up yesterday and I had to put a pain relief patch on-always a last resort as I don't like to drive if using them

    Banking all checked-everything good
    Just about to start cat litter cleaning.
    Must finish balancing June's spends, nearly there.
    Need to write letter to friend, hopefully will get it done today

    Think that's about it from me, have a great day everyone x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:T:T:T:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=360.66:j
  • determined_new_msdetermined_new_ms Forumite
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    Hi everyone :D I have a unexpected day off (too many of us in so sent home), and will have to work Sunday instead. Means I get the day off to myself and don't need to collect madam until 4.15 :D

    yesterday was madam's birthday so has been a really busy week! Glad for the day off tbh! birthday celebrations, while great, were fairly low cost. 6 girls round for a play date/hot tub party and a happy meal each on Tuesday and family & close friends gathering yesterday. There were 8 of us, we went bowling, which was our treat. Cost £40 for 2 games. Should have been £66 but when I was playing I asked if they could do a discount. Then after one game we decided wed had enough and they gave me 8 vouchers back :money:

    We then had f&c on the beach and everyone got their own :D


    * submitted ot & mileage claims - should get a good chunk this month :D
    * load of washing & line dry
    * quick tidy round - house is pretty clean due to all the celebrations and people being round ;)
    * feed veggies
    * go to the allotment for an hour. Can't do much as have sore elbow but will water and hoe
    * go for a swim & sauna
    * return library books. Speak to them about a book that is coming apart as soon as I started reading it. Do not want to pay for a new book! :eek:
    * BLD from stores
    * look for boxes to start packing up madam's room ready to decorate next week :D
    message a friend and ask her to take a couple of cuttings off of her tayberry bush

    Ok that will do :)
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    NSD Jan 2/18 YTD: 2
  • Morning everyone,

    Hope you all have a very good day today. Been sleeping really badly lately and am pretty pooped before the day has really even started.

    Hoping to make this a NSD if I can.

    Today I have/will:
    * check accounts
    * make some claims for expenses at work
    * update accounts and expenses for the past few months
    * sort out my nails - self manicure to save £££
    * few fly lady tasks around the home
    * look at getting some nice fabric in to make some sofa cushions

    Have a super day
    Emergencies account: £500/500
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